Fusing the science of nutrition, art of healthy eating and philosophy of well-being, I work as a Nutrition and Wellness Advisor and Private Chef to help individuals transform their relationship with food and self to uncover their blueprint for their best life.

Where did your interest in health come from?

I was born in the countryside outside of London where I spent the first five years running around the allotments eating whatever I could forage.  Thinking about it now, I was a little unusual; I remember choosing strawberries over candy and gnawing on a carrot over a plate of chips. I was quite a picky and stubborn kid when it came to food; I liked what I liked and didn’t eat what I didn’t! Coming from a family that ate a standard diet refusing to eat meat at a very young age was not only unusual but I think started me off thinking about and cooking food.

What motivated you to become a Nutritional and Wellness Advisor? What was your educational path?

From my teenage years onwards, I struggled with health issues I didn’t understand the root cause until years later, and with little to no help from medical professionals I started to learn and draw connections myself. A year in Paris after high school and lots of bread later, my health reached an all-time low and after a lot of trials, tribulations and tests I finally discovered that gluten was one of the main culprits. After eliminating gluten from my diet and incorporating supplements I researched into my diet, my symptoms started to improve, but the havoc on my digestive system proved to be a tall mountain to climb. During university I became fascinated by the digestive improvement I found incorporating detox protocols, which led me to embark on a year-long journey through Europe seeking out experts in the raw food movement, detoxing and holistic healing. Invigorated by this experience, I went back to California to enrol in a two-year intensive holistic nutrition course in San Francisco. During my time in the Bay Area my research into gut and digestive heath flourished as did my own healing. This led me to explore and identify the common threads of cultures and their retrospective diets which produce greater health and longevity than the global average. This curiosity once again led me to study further, this time back in London to study at a graduate level in the Anthropology of Food. My fascination within the area of human health continues to grow as I come across new research, personal experimentation and clinical practice with clients.  

What is your approach to food and eating?

As a certified holistic nutritionist and anthropologist, I believe in the power of whole-food nutrition and that the simple act of cooking and healthy lifestyle practices can prevent illness and promote optimal wellbeing. My approach is largely informed by my study and fascination with cultural variations in diet and the subsequent influences on longevity and disease prevention. I believe that access to and the knowledge of how to make healthy food should not only be a human right but when implemented can be one of the most powerful tools of change for an individual and community. My goal as a nutritionist, wellness advisor and whole-food personal chef is to help people transform their relationship with food from convenience to conscious consumption. I believe that through re-writing the mainstream and often inaccurate nutritional advice, where the focus is on modifying food to have the lowest possible nutritional content (i.e. low fat, low calorie, low cholesterol...etc), and instead highlighting the health promoting and delicious properties of food in its whole and natural form, the body and the world can begin to heal and thrive.


MA Anthropology of Food and Nutrition : University of London, SOAS, UK ('15 - '16 )

Certified Holistic Nutritionist : Bauman College, Berkeley, CA ('12 - '14)

BSc Psychology and Health : University of Sussex, UK (09 - '12)

Nutritional Private Chef : 5 years, internationally 

Cleansing and Detox Specialist : Lagos, Portugal

Raw Food Chef :  Spain

Currently working as a: Nutrition and Wellness Advisor, Freelance Private Chef, Recipe and Menu Creator and Health Retreat Consultant