© Five-Factor Formula

While mainstream dieticians, medical doctors and nutritionists tend to compartmentalise the body and counsel around food and medicine intervention alone, from my research and private practice, I find these elements in isolation do not result in behavioural change and desired health outcomes. Therefore, I have designed a five-factor formula for optimum health. Health is a dynamic spectrum; ranging from inflictions of physical disease to a vibrancy of optimum wellbeing. Irrelevant of where you are on the spectrum, my formula can be applied and provides a systematic route to brighter health and complete wellness. This formula enables us to draft a blueprint for your life.


Factor One : Nourishment

As a certified holistic nutritionist, I believe in the power of whole-food nutrition, evidence-based techniques for diet, detoxification and lifestyle practices for preventing illness and living with optimal health. My goal is to educate and empower clients to improve their health with the use of nutrient dense foods, natural supplementation and lifestyle recommendations. I specialise in treating autoimmune disorders, balancing hormones, gut health, gastrointestinal issues, and optimising adrenal and stress responses.

Factor Two : Neuropsychology

Formal education in Psychology, equipped me with scientific training and understanding of brain chemistry, cognitive neuroscience, developmental, clinical and behavioural aspects to health. With this clinical foundation, I expanded my research into how the brain and nervous system influence organ functioning, a person’s cognition and subsequent behavior. Through understanding the neuropsychological mechanisms involved in expressed behavior, we are able to functionally inhibit and replace unhelpful brain processes and neuropathways with helpful ones. 

Factor Three : Biomarker Analysis

With some clients, making nutritional and lifestyle changes is not enough. With an extensive training in functional lab analysis, further investigation into underlying health issues with the use of functional labs is often helpful. Biomarkers, or measurable indicators of health, help to indicate the systems out of balance and therefore illuminates the areas to focus on. A few of these tests may include; food sensitivity test, blood sugar regulation, thyroid panel, comprehensive hormone panel, adrenal stress tests, bacterial analysis and many more. I work with reliable providers around the world to perform such tests, analyze the results and adapt client’s health plans accordingly. 

Factor Four : Anthropological Nutrigenomics

Anthropology is the study of varied patterns of human expression, whether assessed through cultural, biological or material metrics. Epigenetics is the study of changes to the heritable genome by genes being turned ‘on’ or ‘off’ by influence of various factors. These factors including diet, behavioural modifications and environmental exposure. Nutrigenomics takes this one step further by examining the relationship between gene expression, risk of disease, diet and nutritional intake. This combination of study provides insight into how to establish a more personalised and effective approach to redirect gene expression for human optimisation. 

Factor Five : Soul Truth

The most challenging factor to actualise, but the most powerful in the healing process, is defining and understanding one’s soul truth. Optimum health should extend past the absence of disease and into a realm defined by a vivacity and joy for life. The journey of self-discovery, personal development and spiritual evolution is a challenging maze to embark through alone, but a process I am well versed in to help you navigate. I work with individuals to help uncover the root of energy blockages, destructive thought and lifestyle patterns and help theorise, with actionable steps, the route for manifesting one’s authentic purpose and truest life.  With a combination of open discussion, insights from various psycho-social tools such as Human Design and Manifestation, as well as actionable physical, mental and spiritual practices, deepening awareness into roadblocks to healing and actualising one’s soul truest calling is possible.