Session 1

1 ½ - 2 hours

We will discuss your reasons for seeking out Nutritional and Wellness council. We will go over your goals, health concerns and obstacles in order to identify the course of action.

Comprehensive health interview including your health history, lifestyle habits, overall mood and energy levels

Between sessions


Record your daily food intake (including supplements) for 5 days by taking photos of each meal

Record your energy and mood levels though out the day, sleeping behaviour, exercise and lifestyle habits to create a holistic picture of your current diet and health status 


Analyse your current dietary intake (nutritional analysis quantifies calories from protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamin and minerals)

Formulate a specific diet, supplement & lifestyle recommendation report based on the information I have gathered 

 Session 2

1 - 2 hours

Discussion of my report and findings

Bespoke diet, supplement & lifestyle recommendations tailored to your health priorities

Suggestions for additional Functional Medicine Tests if needed (at additional costs) and analysis by me 


Roadmap for Success guide which includes in-depth basic nutrition information to successfully implement my guidance; includes information on digestibility, food combining, cooking tips, how-to meal prep, recipes and much more

Your Investment


Subsequent sessions are an additional cost of £100 per session

*Consultations are available in-person or remotely via teleconference


My approach to Nutrition and Wellness Council is informed by the fields of nutritional anthropology and functional nutrition and wellness.

What is nutritional anthropology?  

As a field of research, nutritional anthropology is primarily concerned with the influence and interactions of biological, social and cultural factors on individuals and a populations food consumption and nutritional status. 

 Why this approach?

This approach rather than drawing conclusions based on statistical output alone (for example; obesity rate in a specific community), provides context and encourages inquiry into contributory factors (e.g. dietary ideology, beliefs and cultural patterns) perhaps not seemingly obvious. 

 Why does it work?

Largely informed with my graduate degree in this subject, this broader lens not only provides me with a more comprehensive perspective into the mechanism contributing to food and health behaviours, but also the ability to make more informed recommendations. 

What is functional nutrition and wellness?

Functional nutrition and wellness practitioners understand that dysfunction precedes disease and use lab testing to pinpoint the underlying root causes of unfavourable expressed symptoms or ailments. By placing an expressed symptom or disease in the context of one’s health, diet and lifestyle, practitioners are able to provide insight and practical recommendations to restore optimum physiological and psychological functioning. Through the use of functional lab analysis as well as understanding of how the body functions on a cellular, neurological and behavioral level, a more complete picture can be drawn, and modifications made appropriate. 


My process grounds itself in evidence based scientific research with an innovative understanding of the mind and body. By educating my clients with the knowledge and tools they need to nourish their stomachs, minds, bodies and souls, we can work together to promote and restore optimum health. Read more about my Five-Factor Formula for more information.

With my clinical knowledge of human physiology and nutrition I create tailor made nutritional recommendations for each individual client and their needs. I offer recommendations and explanations for diet and lifestyle changes and suggest specific nutrient supplementation.

My clients include those with hormone imbalance, digestive issues, low energy or chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, issues with weight loss/weight maintenance, food allergies or intolerances and conditions such as: diabetes/blood sugar imbalances, auto-immune disorders, skin problems (acne, psoriasis, eczema) etc.

Whether you need help with Hormone Balancing, Post Natal Nutrition, Healthy Detox & Cleanse Facilitation, Special Event Preparation, Weight Management, Energy Optimisation or you just want to feel the best, look the best and thrive, let me help you on your journey!